Solo Recordings

Piano (Hot, 1985)
Walk (Hot, 1986)
Glow (Vegetable/Vitamin, 2001)
Streaming (Vegetable, 2003)
Thrown (Room40, 2005)
The Tender Hook Soundtrack (Vitamin, 2008)
Play Scar (Room40, 2010)
Memory Night (Room40, 2013)
Fluid to the Influence (Room40, 2016)
Climb (Vegetable, 2016)

Duo with Melanie Oxley

Resisting Calm (Spiral Scratch, 1990)
Welcome to Violet (Remote/MDS, 1992)
Coal (Remote/MDS, 1994)
Jerusalem Bay (Remote, 1998)
Blood Oranges (Vitamin, 2003)

With Mike Cooper

Oceanic Feeling Like (Room40, 2008)
Trace (Al maslakh, 2014)

Duo with Alessandro Bosetti

We Who Had Left (Mikroton, 2012)
A Heart That Responds From Schooling (Unsounds, 2015)


Artery (NOW Now, 2003) with Jon Rose & Clayton Thomas 
(Staubgold, 2008) with Simon James Phillips
Germ Studies (Split Records, 2009) with Clare Cooper
Hammeriver (Mikroton, 2010) with Hammeriver
Kopfüberwelle (Absinth, 2012) with Sabine Vogel
None of Them Would Remember It That Way (Mikroton, 2012) with Lucio Capece
Raft of the Meadows (No Business, 2014) with Mike Majkowski & James Waples
Instead of the Sun (Herbal International, 2015) with Burkhard Beins